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Mount Batur Volcano, wake up and hike to the top ⛅️🌋

 Geopark Batur Museum Geopark Batur Museum. get to know the history of Mount Batur can also get to know the Mount Batur geopark more closely and in detail.
Mount Batur, according to information obtained,
The peak of Mount Batur has a height of 5633 feet or about 1717 meters. On the slopes of Mount Batur there is a lake which is also called Lake Batur at Bangli tours area.
Mount Batur keeps a million charms of beauty. Not only hiking tours for adventure lovers, but also natural hot water, Toya Bungkah, which you can enjoy while seeing the sights of Lake Batur after being tired of climbing.

Traveling in Bali is an attractive choice for everyone, including those of you who like to climb mountains. In Bali alone there are several mountains that can be climbed by the general public.

One interesting example is Mount Batur. The main attraction of this mountain is that until now this mountain is actually still active. The location of this mountain can be reached in about 30 minutes from Ubud or about 1.5 hours from Kuta.
If you take the right time to start climbing, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise which is certainly always satisfying for every climber.
And as information that can be given to find Mount Batur this can be given as follows:

If you trip from Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Legian and surrounding areas to the foot of Mount Batur is approximately 2 hours and we arrive at the start point of climbing Mount Batur, at Jati Toya Bungkah Kintamani Temple at around 4:00 a.m. usually starting around 4 am and the time needed to reach the peak is approximately 1.5 hours.

A pleasant trip with a variety of equipment that had been used by scientists for research at Mount Batur.

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