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Bali Bird Park 🦅

Bali Bird Park is a bird park for rare and protected birds, and one of best zoo & marine park in Bali.
In this place, you will see species from birds in the tropics that you may never see in your country.
With its beautiful feathers and sweet voice it will be everyone's dream to visit this bird park.
Bali Bird Pak is located in the Singapadu area of ​​Gianyar Bali.

This Bird Park area is famous for its rare collection of birds and is a Balinese icon, Bali Starling (Starling). In this place, tourists can see various types of birds, both birds native to the island of Bali, throughout Indonesia and birds from abroad.

The birds that inhabit the Bali Bird Park are placed in cages and some are released in the park. The placement of these cages is arranged separately and grouped according to each type to make it easier to know where they come from.

Aside from being a bird park here there is a garden that is designed like a rain forest which is quite dense with the humidity in it, because of the tightness of the trees.
Here there are also several ornamental fish ponds and collections of aquatic plants, also water birds, black swans, flaminggo, pelicans, and others.
In the middle of the lake is the giant Victoria Regia lotus which was deliberately imported from Florida United States.

Bali Bird Park has a collection of around 1,000 bird species from 250 species of birds. Bird park visitors come from various countries, such as tourists from Russia, foreign tourists from Europe, Asia, Australia and others. Opened in October 1995, the bird park continued to be developed and added to its collection.
Tourists can not only enjoy the charm of the birds, but can also see the breeding of birds from the eggs to hatching, when birds are fed, and even take pictures with a number of exotic birds in that place.
The bird park is also equipped with restaurants, cafes and shops that sell various souvenirs related to birds. Various types of birds that exist in Bali Bird Park include; native Balinese white starlings, birds from Irian and Papua New Guinea; Cassowaries, Parrots, Owls and many other types of birds.

A beautiful place with melodious chirping from the sound of birds will add to your memories during your vacation in Bali.
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