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Bali Botanic Garden showcase

Botanical Garden in Bedugul is a family tourist spot because there you can enjoy the cool atmosphere under large trees that are quite shady. with your children and your family.
The existence of rare trees around the garden, making the atmosphere more exciting.
Stretching the mat while holding food as its provisions makes the atmosphere more comfortable.

Parents can keep an eye on their children who are running around on green grass that is stepped on even though barefoot.
The air is cool and tends to be a bit cooler when at the Eka Karya Wisata Botanical Garden caused by the large plants that are there as well as its location.
And according to information obtained, the area of ​​this garden is 157.5 hectares and this garden there are tens of thousands of plant species and thousands of species of plants.
The number of plants in the pride of Bali's botanical gardens continues to increase every year. In addition, this botanical garden also has several special collections, namely begonias, roses, traditional ceremonial plants in Bali, medicinal plants, aquatic plants, ferns, cactus and orchids.
There is still more pride in this botanical garden, which is one of the botanical gardens that has the highest number of begonias.

In addition to the entanglement of its inhabitants, the Botanic Garden Begudul also has a unique concept from other botanical gardens.

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