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Bingin Beach

A perfect day at BINGIN BEACH

Bingin Beach is a hidden paradise on the island of Bali that is not widely known by tourists.

Bali Island, besides having Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Tanjung Benoa Beach, Dreamland Beach, Padang-Padang Beach and other beautiful beaches,
Bali also still has Hidden Beaches that are not widely known by tourists. One of them is Bingin Beach which is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency or about 32 kilometers south of Denpasar, Bali Island.
Bingin Beach Beautiful Place
This newly developed beach as a New Destination on the Island of Bali presents a stretch of pure white sand with a rather rough texture of sand and very clear sea water.
Green plants on the cliffs around the coastline present a very beautiful and charming panorama of the beach for you to enjoy while on vacation on this beach. By the online site of TripAdvisor, Bingin Beach is also one of the Best Beaches in Indonesia in 2016.
The Bingin Beach area is still beautiful and natural with quite high waves. The expanse of the beach directly adjacent to the cliff presents a very beautiful and amazing view. A calm beach, perfect for those of you who want to find peace of mind from the saturation of daily life routines.

Besides having an amazing natural scenery, Bingin Beach also presents sea waves that are very challenging to be conquered by those who like surfing. You can find large waves as high as 5-8 meters on this beach.

In addition to surfing, on Bingin Beach you can also do swimming, diving, sunbathing or just relaxing while accompanied by young coconut ice and the breeze of the beach breeze or waiting for dusk because Sunset on Bingin Beach is very beautiful and charming for you to enjoy with your partner yourself.

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