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Blue Point Beach

Surf Festival

A Beautiful Beach With Clear Water and White Sandy Beach

Enjoying the beauty of this beach,
feels we are talking about a secret aisle of Bali's paradise.
Blue Point beach, or Suluban beach is located in Uluwatu, the southern area of ​​Bali, precisely in Pecatu Village. In the Uluwatu area there are many beaches that you can visit alternately: Balangan, Dreamland, Padang Padang, and Blue Lagoon, beautiful and dazzling underwater scenery.
Let's talk about Blue Point first, why and why this beach is interesting and makes me soaked.
To get to Blue Point beach, you have to go down the stairs, lots of stairs and through many cafes with beach views.

Even though the Blue Point looks attractive, there is a cliff that is used as a cafe, contrasting next to the coastal basin where the sea water looks striped in two colors, and very clear.
Before you arrive at the beach sand, you will continue to run across with foreign tourists carrying their surf boards over small staircases, you can see the waves from above, it doesn't look big from above because it's far away.
Arriving at the beach area, you will descend the stairs between the stone walls, and pass through a number of tourist camps, which are placed between large stone walls.

Arriving at Blue Point beach, you will feel like you are in a cave that directly leads to the beach, there is one large basin with white sand where many tourists enjoy this beach.
Well, there is one story about the name of this beach, the name "Blue Point" is more commonly known because there is a Villa called Blue Point in this beach area, while the name "Suluban" is a real name derived from the Balinese "mesulub" which means passing under something , past under. This name does explain the characteristics of the beach because to arrive at the sea water line, you must pass under the stone walls.
If you want to be more quiet, just walk a little towards the stone aisle, past a kind of short cave, and there are some small spots that are quite quiet, you can freely selfie here.

Whatever the choice, Blue Point Beach is a testament to the beauty of unlimited Bali, and hopes your trip will be more enjoyable.
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Blue Point Beach
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