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Butterfly Garden

Relaxing with Bali Impressions

This butterfly garden is deliberately made to preserve the tiny animals that have these beautiful wings.
This place is one of beautiful gardens, Located in several Balinese villages surrounded by flower gardens.
To preserve the existence of these butterflies, they are anchored in a place protected by nets around the breeding grounds to be given the opportunity to live and breed.
Visitors will enjoy butterflies flying between the beautiful and charming flower gardens. Visit here,
Not only can find butterflies but also insects, scorpions, tarantulas and various other beetles.
Bali Flora & Fauna will always decorate each of your tour. And enjoy your trip.

Visit Butterfly Forest in Bali 🦋🐛thousands of butterflies flying around was so magical❤️
Bali Butterfly Park, IG Photo Album
Bali Butterfly Park