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Barong Ental, Canggu Village

Model Photoshoot, Swimming & Surfing

Canggu Street Atmosphere in 1970

Really fantastic Road Trip view!

Canggu Beach. Although the sand is black in color, it is the main attraction for Canggu Bali Beach in competing with the beaches on the Island of the Gods.
Beauty place exceeds the beaches in Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran and others in Bali, so Canggu Bali managed to place itself in the 100 best beaches in the world by CNN.
What can you do on Canggu Beach Bali?

Another attraction of this beach besides its black sand is its wave, which is ideal for surfing. This makes Canggu Beach Bali become famous not only locally but overseas and can be proven by the many professional surfers who have come to this beach. Even in 2004, Canggu Beach was chosen to host the Indonesia Surfing Championship or ISC.

Play and relax on the beach
The beautiful scenery of the beach is also a reason for local or international tourists to relax in Echo Beach Canggu. The view is so hard to find on other beaches in Bali, because right across from Canggu Echo Beach there is a vast expanse of rice fields along with birds flying on it.

Enjoy the sunset
The panorama of the sunset on Canggu Beach Bali is also an attraction for tourists, because the sunset on the beach is not only beautiful scenery, but also the warmth of the sunset also radiates even though the day is getting darker and cooler. The facilities in the vicinity of Canggu Beach are already complete, because there are a number of facilities and accommodations that can be used by tourists. So if you want to enjoy the sunset on this beach, there's nothing wrong with enjoying it while relaxing in a restaurant around Canggu Beach or while enjoying grilled corn typical of Canggu Beach Bali.
For those of you who are already in Bali, there are lots of transportation that you can choose to get to Canggu Bali. From public transportation, rent, to travel agents available here to take you to the 100 best beaches in the world.
There are many paths that you can choose to go to this beach. If you depart from Denpasar city, you will cover a distance of about 18 km, then you who depart from Kuta Beach will take about 20 minutes and those of you who depart from Bali Ngurah Rai Airport will take around 45 minutes. Go drive north until you arrive at Kerobokan Village, from there you turn left then just follow the road until you find a panoramic view of rice fields surrounding this beach.

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