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Gunung Kawi, The Sculptural Beauty of The Stone Walls

Visit to the king's graves of Gunung Kawi

Holidays to Bali if you haven't visited Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring are not complete, guys.
It is located in a row with Tirta Empul where you visit holy water in Bali.
Because the sculptural beauty of the stone walls is second to none. Local residents of the Gianyar area are also very friendly towards local and foreign tourists.
The city of Gianyar is also famous for its Gunung Kawi Temple Tourism in Ubud, Gianyar Bali, which is very interesting to visit.
Gunung Kawi Temple is an archaeological site in the form of a temple carved on a rock wall on the cliffs of the Pakerisan River, which is very beautiful and beautiful.
The road to get there also passes through the terraces of the rice fields that are very beautiful, especially when the rice season is yellowing, truly a sight like heaven.
To the south of Gunung Kawi Temple there is a mixture which is a meeting between two rivers, namely the Pakerisan River and the Moon River. In accordance with Hindu community beliefs, this place is believed to be a place of purification.
Until now the community still believes in and utilizes the holy water / Tirta found in Gunung Kawi Temple for religious ceremonies.
Gunung Kawi Temple Tourism Ubud in Tampaksiring Gianyar Bali was built in the 11th century where Bali was then led by a king named Udayana from the Warmadewa dynasty who was believed to have come from Sriwijaya Kingdoom.

Now while you are on holiday to Bali, you can also get to know the history of the Balinese kings who once ruled Bali.
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