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Kerta Gosa, puppet art style

Kertagosa Tour

Kertagosa is a cultural park from the kingdom of Klungkung, Bali.
Entering this area, like you visited in the era of Bali's kingdom in the past century.
With a typical Balinese architecture in the 17th century, it is an attraction for tourists to visit Taman Kerta Gosa.

Its beauty is seen in the Bale Kambang building, which is surrounded by a pond and there are bridges from bricks to cross it. In addition, the uniqueness of Bale Kambang and Bale Kertha Gosa, is on the ceiling of the roof of a building that has puppet paintings that tell a certain thing.

Puppet paintings are the classic work of Kamasan puppet art style and until this moment the village of Kamasan still preserves its traditional painting style. Kamasan art village is located 4 km south of Smarapura city. 
The development of painting in this village was recognized and loved by King Waturenggong who ruled the kingdom of Klungkung (Gelgel kingdom) at that time.
The royal atmosphere is still felt in this tourist spot, all buildings and furniture inside are neatly arranged and clean.

With the beauty and uniqueness that it has, makes some tourists who visit conduct prewedding photo sessions.

Wonderful paintings show the partly very brutal punishment people had to suffer.
Some paintings are telling mythological tales.
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