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Kuta Theater & Bali magic shows

Kuta Theater is a show that combines contemporary Balinese arts and culture with the magic show performing arts of magicians from the illusionist schools of Bali whose skills are extremely extraordinary.
Located on the Kartika Plaza Kuta street and for those of you who like theater and magic shows, Bali has a special place that you have to go to called the Kuta Theater Magic Bali. 
This place offers performances from Balinese dances with a modern feel, and also accompanied by magic shows that you can watch live here.

And the special thing is that the performance in the Kuta Theater is arranged in a drama storyline with the theme of the story or the popular episode, Light of Faith.

The splendor of the show is increasingly felt and supported by spacious rooms and sound facilities with the latest sound systems that are neatly arranged to be very stunning.