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Love Tree, Pinkie Secret Point

Swimming with manta rays, Nusa Penida, Bali

Around Pinkie Beach Secret Point, Nusa Penida, there is an old tree that has died but still stands up facing the beautiful blue ocean.
The dead tree is called the Love Tree. 
Because of its location not far from Pinkie Beach, people often visit it after playing on the beach.
The interesting thing about the tree is that you can sit perched on it while enjoying the beauty of the high seas around Nusa Penida.

The incredible scenery it offers is certainly awesome. When you and your colleagues explore Nusa Penida, this Love Tree is also part of the tourist destination you want to go.

Capturing the moment at Pinkie Beach while waiting for your turn to queue photos, it's time for you to test your nerve by climbing the Love Tree.
It is not clear why it is called the Love Tree, but this tree is actually bald, weathered, and does not have many branches. 
There are only old trees and one of the branches is curved to the left where later tourists who want to take pictures on it can just sit or stand there if they dare.

At first glance a bit worried indeed
If you are a girl, how do you climb a bald tree especially by using a dress?
It turns out there is the trick! Near the tree, a ladder has been provided to make it easier for you to climb it later.

After climbing and sitting on the branch, it will be clear the beauty of the blue sea and the blue sky that are fused.
Really spoil the eyes! And from the top of the Love Tree, you can see the vastness of the Beach from a distance.
After succeeding, you also don't waste the opportunity to capture the moment while being up in various styles.
Later you will be assisted by a guide to help take photos by changing styles and taking the best style for your photos.
After the place, you can continue the journey to the stalls around Kelingking or Pinkie Beach to eat lunch in the afternoon while resting to have the energy to continue the next trip.

Enjoy your holiday.