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Margarana Heroes Monument

Balinese Hero Monument

This monument is a silent witness to the Puputan Margarana battle on November 20, 1946.
If you go to Bali, you might know the name I Gusti Ngurah Rai as the name of an international airport in Bali, but he is actually the name of a hero from Bali in the struggle for Indonesian independence.
Built with the Tri Mandala concept of upstream, middle and downstream. When you enter this park, you will see an inscription containing the names of heroes buried in Margarana Park. They are national heroes under the leadership of I Gusti Ngurah Rai in the battle of Margarana puputan.
Entering the front (downstream), there is a ceremonial courtyard, and two resort halls surrounded by extensive green grass for visitors who want to relax.
In the courtyard we will also see the Statue of Panca Bakti which illustrates the unity and unity of all the people in the struggle for independence.
This section is called Taman Karya Alam.
Entering the center, you will see the Temple or Tugu Heroes Margarana standing majestically.

This temple is also carved in series with the contents of I Gusti Ngurah Rai's answer letter to the Netherlands.

Upstream or north and northeast of the idol park area of ​​the margarana is the Happy Park.

In this section you will find thousands of small monuments (such as tombstones) which are symbols of the heroes who died in this puputan.

Inside included a gravestone for an unknown hero.
In the area of ​​the Margarana idol park there is also a Historical Building.
This building is located to the east of the Heroes of Margarana Temple surrounded by fish ponds. This building holds a number of relic objects at that time.
Such as weapons taken from the NICA army (invaders), communication equipment, disguises, medical devices, etc.
And if you take tours program, this monument is located among the famous tourist areas in Bali, namely Tanah Lot & Bedugul.
Welcome to visit the Margarana Nation's Poetry Park, hopefully it will always be a symbol of patriotism.

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