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Melangit Bakas River Having Fun

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Melangit River or also called Bakas River in Klungkung Bali has a very interesting beauty to visit.

The existence of steep cliffs along the river will make your water sports activities will be more exciting to spur your adrenaline.
But it's really fun!
Because this river is the deepest river in Bali with river flow quite heavy, flowing throughout the season, with moderate levels of difficulty, the length of the 7.5 km track is taken about 2 hours.

Along the way with a rubber boat along the Melangit River, then you will be treated to a natural view of the river that is still beautiful and natural, the water flowing clear provides freshness for every tourist who does water sports activities here.

Melangit River Rafting Tourism in Klungkung Bali is a tourist spot that you must visit because the charm of its beauty is second to none.
Local residents of the Melangit River Rafting in Klungkung Bali are also very friendly to local and foreign tourists. Klungkung City is also famous for its Melangit River Rafting Tourism in Klungkung Bali which is very interesting to visit.
Melangit River Rafting Tourism in Klungkung Bali is the deepest river in Klungkung Regency. It has a depth of 4 meters and along the river channel is filled with quite heavy river currents and steep rapids for you to navigate.

If you have been rafting in Ayung and in Telaga Waja River, try this rafting sensation on Sungai Melangit at Bakas Klungkung.

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