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Pakerisan River, one of the heritage conservation.

The Pakerisan River is a beautiful river with clear water in a natural and unspoiled natural environment,
Providing tranquility for all who visit and see its naturalness. 
Even the locals use this river spring as raw material for drinking water and also to irrigate the fields.

This river flows between the cliffs seen in a number of temples, such asTirta Empul Temple, Pegulinan, Mangening, Samuan Tiga, Pengukur-Ukur, Penataran Sasih and Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave in Ubud.
The atmosphere around the river is quite beautiful and still natural because the Pakerisan River is a sacred river so its sustainability is so guarded.
With a 4.5 km long river flow, the Pakerisan River passes through several valleys and cliffs filled with beautiful tropical plants.
There is a natural waterfall along the river that makes it look more beautiful with all the panoramas offered, the local government has also proposed to make the Pakerisan River one of the Preservation of World Heritage or world cultural heritage.
This is inseparable from the existence of Gunung Kawi Temple which is a historic site.
In addition to having a beautiful panorama, the adventure of 4.5 kilometers on the Pakerisan River using tubing river will also be very interesting, and you will be taken to explore the beautiful Pakerisan river and have this natural panorama.

During the trip, you will pass several challenging rapids and stop at several waterfalls and holy springs called Tirta Geroh. The end point is right in front of Tampaksiring.
Exciting isn't it?