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Pengukur-Ukur (Measuring) Temple

Pengukur-Ukur Temple is a historical heritage of the kings of Bali.
Located on the western edge of the Pakerisan River, precisely in Banjar Sawagunung, Pejeng Kelod Village, Tampaksiring District.
Once entering the this ubud & gianyar temple area, you will feel a very peaceful atmosphere, especially this temple is located far from the highway. Lush trees and the sound of water ripples in the Pakerisan River provide peace for tourists who come to this temple.
Through the main south side of the mandala, we will meet the stairs that will lead us to near the Pakerisan River.
The steps are made of stone structures with a size that is quite large.
And on one of the stones, you will find footprints that are slightly larger than the size of an ordinary human foot.

It is said that in ancient times, maybe this footprint belonged to Kebo Iwa (one of Balinese Hero) which was a constituent of these stairs.
After going down the stone steps, you will find a gate that is the entrance to a cave. The cave itself is a place of retreat.
Here we can find several statues which are thought to be intended for Shiva worship.

Above the cave there is also a Beji (holly water place) and a spring to Telaga Waja River which is unique, does not come out of water in the rainy season but lots of water comes out in the dry season.
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