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Pulaki Temples Area


Amazing 3 Week in Bali

Visiting temples in Pulaki area will have its own sensation.
One of  Balinese temples in Pulaki tours area is located on the western edge of Buleleng. On a rocky high hill on the edge of the sea.
In a spiritual journey to visit the area, you will find temples that exist with various sacred stories so that these places are visited a lot because they have different sensations.
  • Melanting Pulaki Temple, where Dyah Ayu Melanting is a lord giving blessings to traders.
  • Kerta Kawat Temple, visited by many people to beg to be able to maintain a position or gain an important position in the government.
  • Pabean Temple, keeps a story, a nostalgia for a stopover or as a port for sailors from ethnic groups outside Bali a few centuries ago. In its visual embodiment, this temple also includes elements of the religiosity of Balinese Hinduism, Chinese (Shiva, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism) and Islam. The existence of a variety of worship facilities that breathe some of these beliefs or beliefs proves the existence of a marriage of culture in the form of Customs Temple architecture.
  • Tomb of Jayaprana & Layonsari, visited by young couples & husband and wife to be given eternal faith.
And Menjangan Island is the closest tourist attraction in the area
Those are some stories for a trip to the Pulaki tourist area.
Pulaki Temple Area
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