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Sangeh Monkey Forest

Нетуристический лес обезьян на Бали 
Sangeh Monkey Forest

Sangeh Monkey Forest, a tourist attraction with shady forests and inhabited by monkey cartwheels.
It is located not far from Taman Ayun Temple, a temple surrounded by ponds and flower gardens.
If you are on holiday in Bali, it is incomplete to visit Bali without visiting here with hundreds of long-tailed monkeys in Sangeh.

Bukit Sari Sangeh Monkey Forest is a hundreds of years old nutmeg forest. Sangeh comes from the word "sang" means human and "ngeh" means to see, because it is said that according to his saga, the nutmeg trees are on a holy journey from Mount Agung to the west but because they are caught by human eyes, the journey stops at Sangeh.

In the middle of this forest, there are several temples built by the Mengwi palace in the 17th century with Pura Bukit Sari as the center. These monkeys are believed to be the incarnation of Hanoman soldiers who guard Pura Bukit Sari.
Therefore there are no surrounding communities who dare to interfere with their lives. In the past, Sangeh monkeys were known to be fierce, so at this time Sangeh monkeys were becoming more tame. The gray-haired monkey is not afraid of humans and even likes to approach to take selfies and ask for food.
And also, according to local residents, the uniqueness of the monkeys inhabiting Sangeh attractions is that they are divided into 3 groups, and each group has 1 leader. And there are 1 highest leader apes from the three groups.
Another uniqueness of these monkeys in sangeh forest, if there are monkeys who die from illness or are old, friends "other apes who will bury themselves the bodies of dead apes, and there is a special place for the monkeys to bury the dead body of the ape.
Besides nutmeg trees, there are still plants that are famous in the Sangeh forest. The local community used to call it the Lanang Wadon Tree, because the bottom of the tree is hollow so that it resembles the female genitals, while in the middle the hole grows downward-looking stems that look like male genitals. The tree grows exactly in the front yard of the Sangeh tourist spot and is actually a pule tree.

This tree called Lanang Wadon has very unique beliefs. If you pray in Lanang Wadon, for you young couples who often quarrel can be given a harmonious relationship, and for a husband and wife who do not have offspring, if you pray in this LanangWadon tree, your prayer will surely be granted and immediately have offspring.

And enjoy your very exciting holiday in Bali.

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Its sanctuary is surrounded by giant nutmeg trees and inhabited
by numerous friendly monkeys
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