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Seganing Nusa Penida Waterfall

Seganing Waterfall. The location of this attraction is in Sebuluh Hamlet, Sakti Village Nusa Penida Bali.

The path to the spot of the steepest water Seganing is very exciting and suitable for those who are adventurous.
But with your partner you will stay safe with the help of a guide. This location is often a favorite because of the charm of a very clear spring and around it surrounded by small pools.
Your honeymoon will be very impressive by enjoying every moment at Seganing Waterfall. From behind cliffs and green plants directly felt air freshness and peace arising from the flow of waterfalls from above.
The atmosphere is still very natural with the flow of water that directly falls into the sea with ornate brownish rock.
Apart from that other attraction of this attraction, travel down to the challenging waterfall. At the bottom, you will enjoy the clear waves and waterfalls while you soak here.

But if you don't dare to go down, you can also see the beauty of the seganing waterfall from a distance.

Enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere, have a nice day.
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Seganing Waterfall
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