Sudamala Bangli's Holy Water Shower

LIBURAN BALI!! at BANGLI.Tirta Sudamala
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Sudamala Bangli's holy water shower is in the middle of the trees that grow naturally away from the crowds and is located in the village of Sedit, Bebalang, Bangli Regency natural spring.
So that it gives a spiritual nuance and is right to be used for a place of reflection and holy baths.
The pure water that comes out between these bunut trees never runs out even in the dry season.
Sudamala Holy Shower has a number of showers with different sizes and heights of approximately 11  holy showers.

With 9 showers the presence is higher and the other 2 are lower
  • This is believed to mean the number of castings found in Tirta Sudamala reaches 9 shower which distinguishes the Nawa Sanga Gods
  • Two shafts that are about 2 meters high are believed to be angelic holy water which is usually reserved for people who have just finished a religious sacred ceremony.
And said by local residents, if you want to come to this place, use standard clothes and for women do not use high-heeled sandals, because there are so many incidents of mischief that it is troublesome when traveling to this temple.

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