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Surfing, enjoying the Blue Ocean

Surfing Stories :

Surfing is fun water sports on the blue ocean.
A challenge, when you succeed in passing a donut-shaped wave,
it is something that is most impressive.
Surfing is one of sea sport activity for fun;
And some tips by surfers that might be useful for you when enjoying blue sea of ​​the world.
The usual tides are highly dependent on the moon's orbit, when the tidal full moon will be large.

It is also said that, in one day there are 2 pairs and 2 times recede.
With a duration of 6 hours the water becomes tide, and recedes 6 hours.
Usually a very good time to surf is when the waves start to tide, but it is still adjusted to the weather. 
So just for information.
 Wooden Surf Borad Wooden Surf Board
with its distinctive blue color and sea nuances, foreign tourists and domestic tourists like to buy these types of souvenirs
 Wave Criteria Wave criteria is good for professional surfers
a myriad of experiences in surfing. of course really like challenges and difficulties,
 Basic Rules to Surfing BASIC RULES TO SURFING
For beginner & pro. Smile. Surfing has the purpose of having fun, you will forget the burden, delay, and your problems while in the water, smile and laugh when hit by the waves.
 Softboard Surfing Softboard Surfing
for learning to surf the first time. The key is to choose the right surf board for your surfing.
 Take Care of Surfboard Take Care of Surfboard Boards
How to Take Care of Surfboard Boards for surfing, CARING FOR THE SURF BOARD BOARD
 Surfboard Surf Board For Surfing
it's recommended to choose a surfboard based on the width and height of the surf board.

Always fun to play with reflections
Bali Surfing Area, IG Photo Album
Bali Surfing
more than a few styles
get any epic waves
Kuta Beach
having the most fun.
a wonderful weekend
Medewi Beach
awesome 😎 Well done
Dreamland Surf School
Try conquer, wave of love

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