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Taman Mumbul Sangeh Temple

Sangeh Holy Spring

Taman Mumbul Sangeh Temple, A beautiful landscape surrounded by fish ponds
The location is approximately 1 km from the Sangeh Monkey Forest Nature Tourism Object.
When talking about Taman Mumbul Temple, of course what you imagine is an area where there are green, beautiful, beautiful scenery and will be more perfect if there is a fish pond in the garden. Such is what you will see when visiting the tourist attraction of Mumbul Sangeh Park.
Maybe there aren't many tourists who know about this park, how the scenery is there and where is the location of Mumbul Sangeh Park.
Mumbul Park is divided into two parts, north and south. in the northern part, there is a very beautiful view, there is a very large pond, more like a wide-spread lake with very clear water. Shadows of trees around the pool make greenish water, certainly very pleasing to look at.

We can see a lot of fish directly from the top of the pond. In the southern part of the pond there is also a temple but not too large, which is called Taman Mumbul Temple, the location of the temple is built a little sticky into the middle of the pond, so that the scenery offered is more beautiful. Whereas in the southern part, there is a fairly large temple.
This Balinese temple is called Pura Ulun Mumbul. This temple looks very green because almost all parts of the land are overgrown with grass. In front of this temple there is also a fish pond that is not too big which makes this temple look more beautiful
Around the pond in the north, a short wall was built which could be used as a place to sit back while cooling the eyes by looking at the clear pool of water and the scenery around the pool. In addition, the atmosphere here is very calm, cool and calm because it is surrounded by lots of shady trees, around this park there are also several stalls that sell food and drinks, of course make you feel at home when visiting Mumbul Sangeh Park Tourism Object.

laundry), therefore if you visit here to maintain ethics and manners in bekunjung. In addition, water from Mumbul Park is also used as a spring to irrigate rice fields in the village of Sangeh and its surroundings.
This place is very suitable to be visited by tourists who are happy with a calm, beautiful and natural atmosphere because indeed the location is quite far from the highway. The beautiful place also makes this place worthy of being a good spot to take pictures.