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Bali Jet Ski

Bali Jetski

Bali Jet Ski is one of the sea activity of driving by boat.
Why then does this activity become the idol of many people?
In Bali, usually playing motorboats on Tanjung Benoa Beach has become an idol for many tourists, of course for reasons.

Tanjung Benoa Beach is a beautiful beach with calm sea conditions, not a turbulent sea that produces ferocious high waves.
Calm sea water conditions, underwater ecosystems that are maintained with evidence of many types of fish and coral reefs that remain sustainable, and the scenery around a beautiful beach, is a Jet Ski factor into a kind of water sport that is idolized by many people, especially adam enthusiasts.
This Tanjung Benoa Jetski is like riding a motorcycle, the difference is that it is not wheeled and is carried out in water.

For those of you who are young at heart, this game is very challenging.

Jet Ski is safe and easy to drive, even for beginners. Experienced expert instructors will introduce the subject of Jet Ski, about how to regulate gas, use brakes, driving techniques in water, to driving techniques when meeting many ships and other Jet Skies in the middle of the ocean.
Given that Bali's Tanjung Benoa Beach is calm and many tourists like this game, you will meet many of the same riders. Well, there is a technique, so that it remains fun and anti-collision. So do not be surprised if the traffic at sea in the morning until noon is so crowded.
Tourists who want to play Jetski and are still beginners, can be accompanied by expert instructors while playing. Initially the instructor in front, the participants piggybacked and held on. Getting to the middle of the ocean, you can change in front and the instructor behind. This game will last for 15 minutes in the sea. Wow ...! This is great.

But if you are good at driving a Jet Ski, you can drive it yourself with friends or partners.