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Tirta Gangga

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Tirta Gangga, was once a royal water park in Karangasem in eastern Bali.
When tourists enter the Tirtagangga park, the first thing tourists see is the expanse of a pool of water and there is one temple that rises high on the right. 
In the water pool, tourists can see ornamental fish and the bottom of the pond. 
The water in this park is very clear and cool, because pond water comes from springs not from treated water.
Springs in the Tirtagangga park by local people are considered holy water. Used in religious ceremonies in the area around the Tirtagangga park.
Mata Air Rejasa has a very large amount of water, clear and soothing.

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As information obtained from local residents. Tirta Gangga, before it was built into a water park that we can enjoy now, water sources in water parks have been there before, which are used by the community to fulfill their daily needs. 
Moreover, the source of the spring is believed to be holy water to purify any bad energy around the area.
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