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Uluwatu Temple, The Sunshine warms the soul!

Around The Beautiful and Rugged Balinese Coastline
Uluwatu Temple, or the original name Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is a temple in the region of South Bali. Located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, this temple is believed by Balinese as a holy place.

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At first, tourists come here to surf on Pecatu Beach which is located just below Uluwatu cliffs.

The beach waves are very suitable for surfing. Even some international surfing events have been held here. Along with that, the name of this temple became famous.

Sunset & Many photo spots that we can enjoy here. 
There are one or two spots protruding into the sea that we can use to take photos very well, but indeed we have to stand in line with the others.

At a point there is also a gazebo which, although the conditions are not so good, can be used for a short break because the distance we have to travel from the left door to the right door is quite far and quite tiring. At that time we rested for a long time while taking pictures.
Of course while keeping an eye on our bags so they won't be invaded by monkeys.

Beware of Monkeys

And these monkeys really like glasses. Even our glasses are not safe even though we are wearing them.

A Kecak show in Uluwatu
The safest way is to store it in a bag. But despite being warned, there are still one or two tourists who do not heed it and still have confidence in their glasses. Fortunately, the handler is very expert.

So when there is a Caucasians whose glasses are taken by the monkey, the handler immediately acts with his equipment.
I'm not so sure, but it looks like they are carrying a slingshot in his hand. Only by being given the lure of a little food and being held up by a tool like that slingshot, the monkey immediately ran away while handing over the glasses he had just stolen.
This beautiful place will be one of your itinerary uluwatu sunset tour package when you holiday in Bali.

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