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Watching Barong Dance

Barong is very popular in Bali as a symbol of victory
Barong's form is a lion that has the ability to destroy evil forces. 
One of sacred Balinese Dance, Barong Ket is considered a symbol of goodness.

Many interesting moments during the performance of the Barong Dance that a traveler can aim to capture with a camera lens.
So, prepare the best camera that you have to snap the dance performances, including the Barong himself. 
There were times when the actors fought, namely the guards who had been possessed against Rangda, there were also at the end of the performance the attraction of stabbing the keris by dancers who were immune to sharp weapons. Of course the interesting moments are worthy of being photographed and become your collection.

But, is it recommended to watch with children? 

If you vacation in Bali with your family and children, before deciding to watch Barong Ubud dance, you should first ask the children, do they dare to watch Barong Ubud dance or not? The way is to show an example of Barong Ubud dance through internet media on Youtube.
In this way you will know whether your child dares to watch the barong dance or not. If your child is not brave, then you will not lose paying for the entrance ticket to Barong Ubud dance, then you have to leave the barong dance show because your child does not dare to watch.
Watching Barong Show, one of Itinerary Ubud Art Tour Package :