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A Foolish Man who bought a duck

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the most beautiful natural waterfall
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Once upon a time there was a man named I Belog. He was called I Belog because he was extremely stupid.

One day his mother wanted him to buy ducks in the market. His mother gave him money amounted to Rp.10.000.”Now hurry! Go to the market and buy me two ducks!” said his mother.

When I Belog arrived at the market he began to look for duck seller. “How much is the duck, old man?” asked I Belog “Each duck costs Rp.4.000” replied the duck seller.
Then I Belog bought 2 ducks. Then I Belog got change of Rp.2.000 from the duck seller. After buying ducks I Belog went home.

On his way home he passed a wide river. That’s where he threw the ducks in to the river in order to make sure if the ducks were bad or good.

After throwing the ducks he saw the ducks were floating on the water. Suddenly, he remembered what his mother had said to him “if you see the egg floating on the water it means that egg has bad quality”. “damn, that old man successfully deceived me he gave me bad ducks, well maybe this is not my day” said I Belog. After finding out the ducks were not good he left the ducks swimming in the river.

When he got home his mother ask him “Where are the ducks” asked his mother “When I threw the ducks in to the river I saw they were floating, so that I assumed the ducks were bad and I left them. I remember what you said to me before if the egg is floating on the water, it means that egg is bad” replied I Belog. 

Then his mother nagged at I Belog because I Belog was very stupid. He compared the eggs with the ducks. Then I Belog got his bottom kicked by his mother.

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