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Babi Guling

Babi Guling is a very special Balinese traditional food.
Because in the past, Babi Guling was only available when there was a big ceremony in Bali.
Babi Guling is like a fork roaster but has a different taste.

And now you can enjoy these dishes freely which are sold in stalls or pasar senggol along the street or in traditional markets.

As information obtained from this cuisine:
To make Babi Guling usually with special skills.
The spices used must be natural and also need high concentrations when baking so that the skin is not damaged and while turning the pork that has been pierced with bamboo must be very careful.
Babi Buling skin which is served is very crisp, the marinade is made juicy and permeates perfectly into the pork rolls.
The chili sauce has the right spiciness, the vegetables are tasty, and the soup has the right salty taste.

Best suckling pig in Bali ( with original seasoning bali sauce inside the pig)