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Batukaru Temple, 11th century

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Batukaru Temple has its own uniqueness which is located close to Jatiluwih tourist attraction, also around the Batukaru temple area, there is still a sustainable green forest and a very cool shower of holy water.
With the panorama that is owned, then this temple is also one of the tourist objects that are crowded by tourists, both domestic and foreign.
In its history according to information obtained, this Batukaru temple was built in the 11th century.

Once entering the local village road to get to this tourist attraction, the cool air of the mountains has been felt, especially after heading to Batukaru Temple, along the left and right the way there are large trees that rise, bamboo forests, and various plants that are very conserved.
And of course the sound of birds and various animals found in the forest area around the Batukaru temple will make this trip even more fun.
By knowing the history and panorama in Batukaru Temple, hope this tour is fun.

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Batukaru,IG Photo Album
Batukaru Temple
Holy Water
Mount Batukaru