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Belimbing Village


Pupuan Belimbing Village offers the beauty of beautiful and cool countryside.

Beautiful green rice fields with several coconut trees around it.

The air in Belimbing Village is also cool, the perfect vacation spot for those of you who are used to breathing polluted city air.

Come here, and see for yourself how interesting this nature is.

Belimbing Village Video

This village own the fertile land with some of tropical plantation. Those are included Durian, coffee, clove, rambutan, mangosteen and much more. Meanwhile, the magnificent view of Belimbing rice terrace with Batukaru Mount as a backdrop has captivated the tourist to come and enjoy this panorama. Rice Paddy Trekking is one of the tourist attractions at this site. It explores the pure natures, rice field and see the local farmer who working in the field.
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Beautiful Rice Terrace
Pupuan Bali
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