Bongkasa Village, traditional way of life

Bongkasa is a calm village, traditional Balinese hamlet where much of the landscape remains untouched by the hands of time.

The people here are simple farmers and daily life is still influenced by a cultural calendar of religious ceremonies and rituals.

Village Farming You will experience your-self in rice farm cultivation by using traditional tools, to plant the rice is amazing experience in your life 'Pande Besi' Iron Smith Where the Balinese produce their Farming tools and for their daily life needs ‘Cultural Learning’ Experience Balinese warm greeting in traditional way of life and also Balinese Offering “Canang’, “Tulang Lindung’ making and typical Balinese traditional cakes as refreshment [Jaje Gina]

Coconut & Palm Creation’ We please you to practice your climbing skill to climb the coconut tree or just seeing the Balinese doing ‘Tuak’ also to see the process of Making Coconut Oil and we let you enjoying the Fresh Young Coco drink Your Lunch…will be hosted by the Villagers, the Balinese..

Bali Rural Life - A Life Style Village Adventure.

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Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun