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Goat Scares A Tiger

Once upon a time there were goats named Ni Mesaba and Ni Wingsali.

They went to the jungle to search for foods. Her daughter Ni Wingsali also went to the forest.

When they arrived in the forest they were very happy to see the young leaves they were looking for as foods.

While eating the young leaves, Ni Wangsali was scared by a scary beast. Then Ni Wingsali ran and hid behind her mother. Ni Wingsali asked her mother “mama…mama I saw a scary beast its tail is long, its face is scary, I’m afraid mama..!”.

Then her mother said “that’s a tiger, now you must pretend to be strong witch, tell the tiger that you can burn him to death with your fire spell, so that you can scare the tiger”. 

The tiger was still staring at the goats, the tiger said “ what kind of animal you are? How dare you come to this forest, I’m the ruler and the greatest one in this forest. 

Then Ni Mesaba said “you have no idea who I really am, I’m able to burn you alive with my fire spell. At the tip of my horn there is a God named Ida Sang Hyang Siwa.

You’re no match for me. Then the tiger became scared and ran off. 
When the tiger was running a monkey saw him “Why are you running scared?” asked the monkey. The tiger replied “I’m scared because I met scary animals. Their looks are scary and their horns are sharp”. 
The monkey replied “Those are goats. The goats are my enemies. Let’s go back there and meet the goats”. The tiger said “ If we go there we will end up dying. You’re good at climbing, you can avoid their attacks by climbing”. The monkey said “If you’re scared, then fasten your tail by tying your tail around mine. Then the tiger approved the monkey plan. They went to where the goats were looking for foods. 

When they met Ni Mesaba, Ni Mesaba said “Finally you show up monkey. Yesterday you lost gambling to me and you promised me that you would give me four tigers, but you only brought one tiger. 
It’s OK after all, I’m dying to taste the roasted tiger”. It made the tiger become more scared. “So you brought me here just to give me to the goat as a debt” said the tiger. Then the tiger ran scared. 
While running the tiger and the monkey fell into a deep cliff because of fear. At the end both the monkey and the tiger wound up dying.

One of more Balinese Folklore, Satua Bali in English