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Gunung Payung Beach


Gunung Payung Beach (Mount Umbrella Beach) is one of the beaches of many beaches that are under steep cliffs which are characteristic of the beach in the Pecatu area, which is located east of the Pandawa beach.

Feel the beauty.
When the sea water is calm in the afternoon, you can enjoy the sensation of bathing in the mirror.
Quiet water makes the surface of the sea water like a mirror,
You can sink some of your head near your eyes to enjoy the sensation of soaking and feeling solitude in the water.

The quiet atmosphere is an attraction for tourists to come to the beach of Gunung Payung. This impression of a hidden or remote place makes the coast of Gunung Payung often referred to as "Hidden Paradise".
But, it seems that this nickname will not last long because after knowing the beauty of this beach, there will definitely be many people who want to come to visit Gunung Payung beach. 
Therefore, some arrangements have been done well, such as parking, access to highways and various other facilities so that we will more easily enjoy the beauty of this beach.
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