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I Durma, Son of Angels

There was a human named I Rajapala he fell in love with an angel named Ken Sulasih. They had got a boy named I Durma.
When I Durma was 3 years 6 months, his mother went to the heaven and left I Durma. Because of that, I Durma was raised by his father alone, until he was 5 years of age.
After I Durma was 5 years of age, I Rajapala did the same thing as his mother did to him. His father was about to leave I Durma and went the forest located on the slope of a mountain.
In the afternoon,
I Rajapala call his son then he sat with crossed legs. He put his hand on I Durma’s head and said “you’ve grown up well my little son. You were left by your mother when you were younger. Tomorrow I’m about to leave you and go to the forest. 
I hope you’re okay at home alone”.
After hearing what his father said to him, The tears were streaming down I Durma’s face. His father continued talking to I Durma “My little boy you’re still young, you still have much to learn. Everything is obligated to learn, learning literature shouldn’t be forgotten. There at Jero Dukuh Pasraman you will learn and work”.
“Learn how to behave, learn the good things. Learn all good things seriously at Jero Dukuh Pasraman. If there are people good to you don’t forget them. If there are people who hurt you and hate you, ignore them don’t hurt them back, just let the Almighty God punish them all. Don’t be a liar always be honest to people. That’s all what I want to tell you about. I hope the God will always protect you and me”.
When Durma learning at Jero Dukuh Pasraman, he learnt everthing seriously. It made Jero Dukuh very proud of him, I Durma was diligent especially in studying and he was smart it didn’t take too long for him to master a lesson. I Durma never disobeyed Jero Dukuh, what Jero Dukuh wanted I Durma to do, I Durma did it sincerely until it’s done. Every night he was always taught literature by Jero Dukuh.
Because he always learnt about reading, he knew much about stories, wise words and religion
When I Durma had grown up and got mature, he paid Wanakeling Kingdom a visit. Everybody there loved Durma. That’s where I Durma lived. Heve never lacked food because he lived in the kingdom.
That’s what will be gotten by those who are diligent, humble and wise.

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