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Iseh Village

In the Green of Bali

Visiting Iseh Village in Sidemen Karangasem, the beauty of Mount Agung which is visible from a distance with its green valleys, rivers flowing with clear water amidst green rice fields.
It was also seen that the farmers worked in their fields traditionally which still remained like ancient Bali.
In fact, in various histories it was mentioned that the beauty of the Iseh panorama was first introduced by two foreigners who lived long enough in this area.

Through their paintings, they documented the views of Iseh Village and their social life.

The two painters were Walter Spies from Germany and Theo Meier from Switzerland. They spend their lives socializing with local people and getting to know more about their customs and culture.
Enjoying nature and wilderness, it still exists.
You just have to explore east of the island and you'll find yourself surrounded by paradise.
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Iseh Village
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