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Jagatnatha Temple

Visit the Jagatnatha Temple.
With the architecture of the building decorated with various Balinese statues that add to the magnificent of this temple.
Jagatnatha Temple is located in each region in Bali that has the characteristics of the area.
And if you visit the city of Denpasar, then you will also be able to see the beauty of this temple which is located in downtown Dendapar.
Jagatnatha Temple is a sacred building about 15 meters high. 
Entering the temple grounds, here you will get peace, solitude, and the beauty of a temple that can spoil your eyes.

Here also you will get various kinds of stories or history about this temple. You will find out how chronologically the formation / construction of this temple and what gods are here.

In addition to visiting Jagatnata Temple, you can also relax for a moment at Puputan Badung Field which is located next to this temple, in the form of a green garden with beautiful and cool trees.
And enjoy the beauty of this Jagatnatha temple, hopefully this trip can provide peace.
This incredibly unique landmark is proof that all different world religions can live in harmony here
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