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Keramas Beach

The beautiful atmosphere of the beach with beautiful natural scenery and a stretch of green rice fields and rows of coconut trees lined up along the road to Keramas Beach deserve to be chosen as your vacation spot with family and relatives when visiting Bali.

What's more, if you watch surfers playing on the waves with their surfboards it's really a very interesting sight.
Apart from surfing, on this beach you can also do activities such as relaxing, sunbathing, playing and fishing.
At first this beach was called Kuramas Beach, it is said that some time ago many turtles came to this beach to lay eggs. But then the name changed to Keramas;
Keramas = Kera (monkey) + Emas (gold) => Gold Monkey, but even then the monkey disappeared which became a mystery until now. 
Keramas Beach, New favorite
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Keramas Beach
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Keramas Beach
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Camping Ground
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