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Tropical Destination

Bali Indonesia 4k "Cost of Living" | VLog Description

 A Simple Life in Paradise A Simple Life in Paradise, The tropics require little in the way of clothing and shelter, and the land is generous in providing food and raw materials.
Tropical Culture & Architecture Tropical Culture & Architecture, "Summer School" collaborated with Study In Bali to provide worldwide students especially culture & Architecture,

Bali for more than just being an affordable tropical destination.

Have you dream of living the millionaire vacation lifestyle but found that a bit difficult to afford?

Bali, Indonesia provides that for the regular folks like us!

There is so much rich culture to experience and good energy to absorb.

I have had the luxury of spending up to six months to a year on the island of Bali.

I know quite a bit about the different destinations in Bali.

I've created a guide for you to download so you can get the details on all the placesI visited throughout the video, giving you a head start on planning an epic Bali adventure. **)

Explore Destinationgetting better with time imo 😉👌

 Panorama Bali Panorama Bali, Interesting areas such as beaches, fresh and comfortable mountains, rice fields that are still very beautiful and also a lake with beautiful panoramas.

 Bali Swing

Swing in Bali, like a bird that flie
The view of the valley with tropical trees and coconut trees, and stunning cliffs will look very beautiful.
Sunbathing, various benefits
in the tropics, so the nuances of nature and atmosphere will make your holiday more enjoyable. A healthy morning sun will also give our bodies various benefits.
 Pakerisan River
Pakerisan River, passes through several valleys and cliffs filled with beautiful tropical plants and natural waterfall along the river.
 Tropical Dream Tropical dream life on the Island
A few moments of our amazing adventures in Bali ✈
This a holiday to relax or to promote your bodies in nice locations?
 Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon on a small island
A beautiful hangout while looking at the blue ocean panorama and doing some interesting attractions, view colorful ornamental fish and an amazing natural lagoon overlooking the Indian Ocean.
Fruits & Vegetables Fruits & Vegetables. Various fruits in tropical Bali.
Manggis, Celagi
Salak, Juwet
Durian and so all.