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29 Crazy Waterfall in Bali

WOW! 29 Crazy Waterfall in Bali, Indonesia | Travel Destinations

Looking for the best waterfalls in Bali/

It's not for anyone only for the people who's looking for a challenge. The descending path is kinda hard but it deserves every single hard moment. amazing scenery and very relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Sekumpul Waterfalls (Singaraja) - Amazing, this is one of Bali's most scenic natural attractions.
  2. Melanting Waterfalls (Munduk) - Very necessary and guaranteed you will be satisfied to visit the waterfall melanting.
  3. Nungnung Waterfall (Nungnung) - To reach this place we have to go down through 560 stairs.
  4. Gitgit Waterfall (Singaraja) - Gitgit waterfall is located in Gitgit Village, Buleleng. It is about 90minutes drive from Denpasar.
  5. Tegenungan Waterfall (Ubud) - Beautiful waterfalls
  6. Munduk Waterfall (Buleleng) - Awesome
  7. Kanto Lampo Waterfall (Gianyar) - Nice view, nice spot
  8. Les Waterfall (Tejakula) - Very nice waterfall and very refreshing, bring your bathing suit with you. Also very good good on the way
  9. Aling-Aling Waterfall (Buleleng) - hidden paradise, beauty of Bali
  10. Banyumala Twin Waterfalls (Singaraja) - Great Waterfall
  11. Tukad Cepung Waterfall (Tembuku) - Small and hidden waterfall
  12. Tibumana Waterfall (Bangli) - Must see
  13. Peguyangan Waterfall (Nusa Penida) - amazing beautiful island. Swimming in natural pool but please do not swim in the Spring water.
  14. Lemukih Waterfall (Singaraja) - Really good atmosfer, great experience, countryside, trekking along ricefield, big river, waterfalls.
  15. Blahmantung Waterfall (Tabanan) - Very pretty. The water is cool and fresh.
  16. Kuning Waterfall (Bangli) - So beautifull
  17. Sambangan Waterfall (Singaraja) - Amazing valley full of waterfall after waterfall and more jumping spots than you can imagine.
  18. Kroya Waterfall (Singaraja) - Awesome! You can slide of the waterfall with a life vest and it is so amazing!
  19. Pengempu Waterfall (Tabanan) - Hidden waterfall
  20. Colek Pamor Waterfalls (Singaraja) - Very beautiful waterfall!
  21. Yeh Mampeh Waterfall (Buleleng) - Waterfall is spectacular well worth the hike
  22. Blangsinga Waterfall (Gianyar) - Awesome
  23. Tangkup Waterfall (Tembuku) - Hidden and great place for trekking! Green canyon and tangkup watefall locate in Dusun Undisan, close to Tukad Cepung Waterfall.
  24. Pucak Sari Waterfall (Singaraja) - Must see
  25. Pucak Manik Waterfall (Singaraja) - Awesome, so big difference. Lush tropical rain forest
  26. Jagasatru Waterfall (Karangasem) - It's located in Duda Timur village, Bebandem distric, Karangasem regency.
  27. Love Waterfall (Buleleng) - Beautiful waterfalls
  28. Jembong Waterfall (Buleleng) - Very beautiful waterfall!
  29. Seganing Waterfall Hike