Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun

Yoga With A Private Driver

Here comes the second part of our Bali travelogue. After Canggu we went directly to Ubud and spent some days in the beautiful hotels
It was the first time I had a yoga class - Yoga in Bali, I tell you, that has something!
The Tegalalang rice terraces were nice, but also very touristy.

I'm sure with a private driver, you can find remote rice terraces that are just as nice.

But we always went with our own scooter and explored Bali on our own.

We ate the best at D'alas Warung at the Tegalalang rice terraces and at the Clear Café in central Ubud.

The Elephant Cave was awesome from the atmosphere - the food was better with the other two (if you go to order the carrot cake, I'd go straight back for that!)

What’s your kind of diet? Vegetarian, vegan or meat lover?