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A Simple Life in Paradise

How To Making Lawar Galungan ? | Balinese Cooking Class

The material aspects of Balinese life are simple. The tropics require little in the way of clothing and shelter, and the land is generous in providing food and raw materials.

These people have maintained a simplicity in full-filling their needs, and this has given them leisure time to develop a rich lifestyle. Although clothing worn for festival occasions is stunning and expensive, everyday clothing is plain and practical.

This relationship is true also of their diet. Festive occasions see the men joining in on the kitchen duties when gourmet feasts are prepared. Ordinary meals, however are simple to the point of being boring. The kitchen of a traditional Bali home is very, very basic.

They don't sit down to a table or eat together,. but take their meals off to themselves. The most common meal is cold steamed rice with a sauce of liquid fire.and perhaps some vegetable The austerity of home cooking is relieved somewhat through the services of food vendors.
The natives are known as nibblers and support a large number of these vendors.
Little roadsides stands, called Warrongs, are present nearly everywhere , and a great deal of social life goes on at these Bali-style fast food counters. As with food and clothing, so also, are the needs for shelter met with great simplicity.

A home in Bali is a walled area or compound rather than a building . Inside the wall, four or more simple pavilions provide shelter. Most pavillions are built without walls. These Pavilions, called BALE, are raised platforms of mud, and brick or stone protected by a thick roof of grass, palm, and bamboo.
These roofs, when made well, will last twenty-five years in this hot wet climate. The grass thatch called Alang-Alang, is gathered from the sides of ridges too steep to support rice paddies. Bamboo for the roofs grows in the creek canyons and where-ever it's allowed to take hold. Not only is much of the home built with it, but also, beds, ladders, bridges, water containers, and kitchen utensils.
Irrigation pipes and even smoking pipes are fashioned from it. Screens and walls are woven from it , as well as trays, baskets and sun hats. There are medicines made from bamboo and the young shoots are a tasty food.

With a weight to strength ratio similar to steel, this fast growing member of the grass family is immensely valuable to the islands residents.

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