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Abuan River, Sacred Holy Sower

Mystical Events in the Landscaping Melukat Area which are Sacred, Natural and Amazing

Believe it or not, indeed, mystical things have happened in the last few months in a place of devotion that holds sacredness and attraction both spiritually and in its beauty.

This Melukat place is the Pecampuhan Sala Park located in Banjar Sala, Abuan Village, Bangli.

Many mystical things have happened lately one of which is pemedek who spewed two leeches while diving at Tirta Tulak Wali which is an angel bathing place.

There was also the incident of a resident outside the area who disappeared for 3 days in this place due to having bad intentions. And various other mystical things told directly by Jro Mangku Tirta.

Over the past few months there have been quite a lot of visitor who have been trembling in this place. Some claim to get whispers from dreams.

A spiritual tourist place that is very reconciling with the natural atmosphere. A sacred place with 2 charming waterfalls. It feels very sacred when in this place.

There are 9 showers sourced from cliffs namely Tirta Utama, Tirta Bumbung, Tirta Wali and Tirta Pandan.

In addition to the holy water from Pancoran 9, the place of Melukat is a meeting of 2 rivers that make this place more sacred.

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