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Adrien Jean Le Mayeur History

Adrien Jean Le Mayeur is known as one of the painters in a collection of art paintings in several museums in Bali.

Adrien Jean Le Mayeur: A collection of 68 works Description: "Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur De Merpes was born into an aristocratic Belgian family in 1880.

When the artist was young, Le Mayeur was brought up in an artistic environment.
He initially studied civil engineering and majored in architecture. However his real passion was to paint and he seized every opportunity to indulge in this. Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur De Merpes once told his father who opposed his love for arts, “I don’t need anything except painting.”

LeMayeur has held four exhibitions in Singapore, and the first one was in 1933.

He gained critical recognition through these remarkable exhibitions. As a firm believer in committing his life to be an artist, LeMayeur was regarded as the black sheep of his family because he chose an uncertain life rather than the stability of a bourgeois existence. Le Mayeur’s warm-hued paintings show his is gifted with colour using in his early works."

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