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Aquatec's floating tourism, Nusa Penida Bali

Aquatec's floating tourism facilities consist of floating docks, floating houses, floating pools and floating fishing ponds.

Aquatec Nusa Penida provides tourism infrastructure that can be tailored to needs. sturdy and elegant at affordable prices. Suitable for investment in tourism.
Aquatec floating dock is a floating dock with floating tools in the form of a pipe with a thickness of 14mm, on top of which there is a WPC / Ecowood pattern brushing board with a thickness of 38mm so it is very stable and sturdy, and has a high buoyancy.

The floating house of Aquatec consists of marine aluminum profiles and WPC / Ecowood walls. Suitable as a gazebo or floating vacation home.

Aquatec floating pool provides security for visitors to be able to swim in the sea safely. Size can be adjusted to your needs.

Floating fishing ponds, innovative floating fishing facilities from Aquatec.

Can be used to maintain or accommodate various types of fish for fishing.