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Bajra Sandhi Museum

Bajra Sandi Museum is a collections ranging from prehistoric Bali to the days of filling independence.
Placed inside a unique and towering monument. The uniqueness of the Bajra Sandhi monument looks like a Pagoda. 
Therefore, many Asian tourists who consider this monument are Pagodas, as in their country. 
So if you visit tourist attractions in Denpasar, don't be surprised if you see most tourists are Asian tourists. Bajra Sandhi monument facilities besides the museum, there are also libraries, fish ponds, handicrafts and of course toilets for visitors.
In the middle of the building inside, there are 4 steps, whichever one you can use to climb the 2nd floor. 
On the second floor of the monument there is a museum that tells the story of the struggles of the Balinese people from the prehistoric period, the development of Balinese civilization, the history of the kingdom of Bali, until the days of the struggle of the Balinese people to gain independence. 
The story of the Balinese people's struggle is depicted in 33 dioramas. Therefore this monument is also often referred to as the Bajra Sandhi museum. 
 On the second floor of the building, there is a circular staircase to go to the third floor and feels a little dizzy when riding it.
On the third floor of the monument building, there is a room that is quite spacious and surrounded by glass windows. 
From the building on the third floor, you can see a 360 degree view of the city of Denpasar and its surroundings which is truly amazing.

Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Bali - Niti Mandala Renon Denpasar

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