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Bali Subak Museum, a collection of traditional agricultural

The Bali Subak Museum is located in Tabanan which is famous for the rice barn area in Bali.
This subak museum exhibits a collection of traditional agricultural tools used in farming and a traditional Balinese rice field irrigation / irrigation system called Subak.
Subak Museum is also one of the tourist destinations for study tours that are visited by many students and tourists both domestic and foreign tourists.
The Bali Subak Museum is divided into two separate parts, namely the Parent / closed museum complex and the open-air museum complex.
In the closed / main museum section consists of two main buildings / buildings which have functions as information centers and exhibition buildings as well as audio-visual rooms, study rooms, libraries, offices and miniature subak irrigation systems.
While the open museum is a stretch of rice fields with a subak irrigation system.
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A Trip to Subak Museum

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