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Buleleng Museum, ancient collections of King Panji Sakti

The Buleleng Museum is a museum for storing ancient collections such as statues, sarcophagi, weapons and other relics.
Besides that, there are also art objects such as fabrics, paintings, gold and silver handicrafts, as well as various kinds of objects that are related to the life of the people of North Bali in ancient times as well as agricultural tools and fishing tools.
It can be said that almost all items stored or contained in the museum of Buleleng are collectibles of personal property or family from the King of Buleleng itself Ki Gusti Anglurah Panji Sakti.
All items are donations from the families of the next generation.
Inside the museum building there is also a special room for placing and displaying other art objects which are grouped in historical rooms, ethnology, prehistoric rooms, craft rooms and rooms of the King Panji Sakti.

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