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Charlie Chaplin, the past times

From the past times,

The funny Charlie Chaplin was liked by the Java & Balinese people because he was a friendly person and wanted to socialize with local Balinese residents.But at that time, the Balinese did not know that, Charlie Chaplin was a famous film actor.

In this 1932 video, according to Author Kerry Lee,

Charlie seems to be loved in Bali, even though the Balinese have never seen the film before his visit.
From what I have read, many people, especially children, love him wherever he goes.

They think he is very funny!

An article in the New York Herald on June 12, 1932 said, "No mob made a frenzied effort to see them (Chaplin and Syd's brother), there were no newspaper reporters asking if they liked this or that, and no cameraman tried to get their portrait while in Bali.

BYD Channel, Bali 1932