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Cliff Jumping, adrenaline test lovers

 Waterfalls Cliff Jumping Waterfalls Cliff Jumping, find some of the less touristy waterfalls of Bali. By the time we were there we had them almost to our self.
 Nusa Ceningan Cliff Jumping Blue Lagoon Nusa Ceningan, extreme attractions at Mahana Point Cliff Jump and on the Zipline. This place is also the main place hunted by tourists
 tembeling Tembeling Holy Water Cliff Jumping,  surrounded by a very beautiful and amazing nature.
This extreme activity is quite popular among local and foreign tourists who are adrenaline test lovers.

Jumping from the height of a very high cliff, it might show stunning beauty but also need a very high experience.

In Bali, cliff jumping can be done in several places such as in waterfalls and on cliffs that are commonly used such as in Nusa Ceningan etc ...

From the top of the cliff that tourists can try the sensation of freefall from steep cliffs.

To try it, 

you can go up the cliff and just jump down. Adrenalin will be immediately driven when preparing to jump from the edge of the cliff.

To be sure we must be able to swim before trying this activity.

But the fear that appears seems to be reduced by seeing the beauty of the cliff before jumping. If necessary, jump while shouting to make it even more exciting!

Before jumping, you should first ask the guards in the area, whether the weather and circumstances allow to jump. You also have to be careful not to hit a cliff and get hurt when trying out these extreme activities.

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