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Hinduism in Bali - Temples and Dances

Balinese Hinduism is a community and friendship relationship throughout the world that always hopes for peace and quiet for every visitor who comes.

Hindu Temple Adventure

After nearly 2000 years since Hindus first arrived, Bali is now the last Hindu stronghold of Indonesia.

Hindu temples and Hindu practice are different in Bali and India. This video looks at how the Balinese temples are organised and also the main theological difference of Indonesia Hinduism.

The second half of the video is concerned with the Sendratari Ramayana and shows it performed with Kecak at sunset at the Uluwatu temple in Southern Bali.

The ballet depicts the ancient Indian epic of Lord Rama who, with heroic Hanuman the monkey, wages war on the Rakshasas of Lanka in order to rescue Sita.

It is a very Indo-European myth, and I loved seeing it depicted in dance!

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