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Hot Tips Sunrise Trekking Experience

Hot Tips Sunrise Trekking Experience:
  • Try and sleep beforehand. 
  • Eat before you leave - you will need the energy for your climb. When you reach the top if you are with a guide they will cook you a meal using the heat from the volcano.
  • Pack sunscreen - there is lots of walking still to be done after the sunrise. 
  • Stay hydrated - bring drinks with you, but there will also be locals selling drinks on your climb up Mount Batur
  • Monkeys: Amazing friendly creatures just make sure they don't nab your belongings! 
  • Pack light - your bag will get very heavy, especially if you are carrying all your camera gear like tripods etc! 
  • GoPro - There are a lot of climbing sections that will not be friendly to your DSLR cameras, if you have a GoPro you can attach to yourself, you will capture some great footage that was not able to be taken in my situation. 
  • Tipping - If you are with a guide they are very accommodating and are deserving and expecting a tip. 

By : Ben Cad | Bali Indonesia: Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Experience - Video Timelapse and Review